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Jiangsu people's electric co., LTD. Is a professional electrical manufacturing, diversified development of science and technology enterprise, founded in 1997, the headquarters is located in nanjing west road bridge it is good 60 #, building area more than 20000 square meters.

Jiangsu people's electric co., LTD. The main service in electric power industry equipment and new energy industry, mainly to provide users with: ac circuit breaker, dc circuit breaker, disconnecting switch, knife switch, ac contactor, high and low voltage electrical components such as fuse.

Jiangsu people's electric co., LTD subordinates holding enterprise: jiangsu datang electrical technology co., LTD. (responsible for high and low voltage electrical complete sets of equipment production and sales); Jiangsu datang power equipment co., LTD. (responsible for 35 kv substation design and construction).

Jiangsu people's co., LTD., the company has always been adhering to the "let users with better" philosophy, always committed to Chinese users with newest and best products, and promote the development of China's electric.

The company continuously increased for technology research and development input, and the research and development system, strengthening intelligent electrical automation products development, and meet the power supply system, photovoltaic industry, manufacturing, real estate and other client equipment demand.

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