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Professional knowledge question and answer 35 questions in l

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1, the circuit breaker outage. Operation should be checked after the project?
Answer: breaker outage after operation, should check the following:
( 1 ) the red light shall be extinguished, the green light.
( 2 ) the operating mechanism of the on-off indicator should be in the off position.
( 3 ) the current meter indication should be zero.

2, the circuit breaker electric gate should pay attention to what?
Answer: the electric closing breaker, when the operating handle is screwed to the closed position, lights should be flashing. The operating handle is screwed to the closing end position, should also monitor the current meter, the red light after the release, the handle automatically return to the closed position.

3, the maintenance of equipment failure, what measures should the circuit breaker and isolating switch has been opened?
Answer: should take measures:
( 1 ) disconnect circuit breaker and isolating switch power supply
( 2 ) isolating switch operation handle must be locked

4, with the insulation rod pull isolating switch or via the driving mechanism pull isolating switch and circuit breaker what are the requirements?
Answer: specific requirements:
( 1 ) with an insulating rod isolating switch or via the driving mechanism pull isolating switch and circuit breaker.
( 2 ) should wear insulated gloves.
( 3 ) the rainy day operation of outdoor high-voltage equipment:
The insulating rod should be preventing error cover, also should wear insulated boots; grounding resistance does not meet the requirements, it should wear insulated shoes.
( 4 ) when lightning, forbids switching operation.

5, why in between the power capacitor and the circuit breaker is equipped with a set of ZnO arrester?
Answer: the installation of ZnO arrester can prevent possible power capacitor in the pull, and operation of the operating over voltage, to ensure the safe operation of electrical equipment.

6, the circuit breaker override trip should be how to check the treatment?
Answer: the action of breaker override trip should first check the protection and circuit breaker. If the action of protection, circuit breaker tripping caused by refusing to leapfrog, should open the isolation switch to trip circuit breaker on both sides, will other non-faulty line transmission.

Because if it is not the fault protection action, it should be the circuit breaker, and then one by one line try to send electricity, find the fault line, the line outage, open the breaker and switch sides, then the other fault line transmission. Last
Then find the circuit breaker to trip or protecting refused to move.

7, breaker which exceptions should cut processing?
The following conditions:
(1) serious oil spill, oil scale has no oil level tube.
(2) support porcelain fracture or casing burst.
(3) junction overheating become red or red.
(4) insulator serious discharge.
(5).SF6 circuit breaker of serious leakage blocking signal send operation.
(6) hydraulic mechanism of a sudden loss of pressure to zero.
(7) less oil circuit breaker arc extinguish chamber smoke or internal abnormal sound.

8, vacuum breaker vacuum damage. circuit breaker abnormal pressure? What am I gonna do?
Answer: the abnormal pressure lamp window display, pressure gauge pointer increases or decreases, frequent start or pump pump start pressure couldn't be built up.

Abnormal pressure should be immediately to strengthen the monitoring, when the pressure increases, the oil pressure does not stop should stop pump. When the breaker run oil pressure drop or abnormal pressure, " ban " ( i.e. the brake locking lamp window display ), should be the "ban " the breaker death card, and then open the DC power supply and out of the protection plate, and then with a bypass.

9, the breaker hydraulic running down to zero and how to deal with?
Answer: the circuit breaker in operation due to a failure of the hydraulic drop to zero, processing, application first card will breaker stuck in the closing position; then disconnect the fuse power control device.
( 1 ) if the bypass circuit breaker immediately change the mode of operation, with a load. The zero voltage circuit breaker switch off on both sides, and then find the reasons
( 2 ) without bypass circuit breaker, and does not allow the power, in the mechanical locking switch, electric processing

10,Circuit breaker, spring 10 Nengcao mechanism issued a " spring not taut " signal should be how to deal with?
Answer: spring operating mechanism of the circuit breaker is in operation, a spring mechanism without energy storage signal ( light plate and sound ), the operator on duty shall promptly to the scene, check whether the AC circuit and the motor has fault, the motor has fault, the application manually

The spring tension, AC motor without fault and spring has been tightened, should check whether the two loop error signal, if the spring is failure cannot be recovered, to dispatch for power processing.

11, stop the bus pull the circuit breaker should pay attention to what?
Answer: in the bus before the end, attention should be paid to pull the circuit breaker:
( 1 ) check on the bus to be cut again, to determine the equipment have been poured into the running bus, prevent " leakage " inverted blackouts.
( 2 ) pull the circuit breaker, check the circuit breaker current meter should be instructed to zero; pull the circuit breaker, check the power bus voltage meter should indicate zero.
( 3 ) the fracture when the circuit breaker 's ( pressure ) inductor L and capacitor C bus voltage transformer may form a series of ferromagnetic resonance, special attention should be paid to the sequence of operations to pull the circuit breaker: first pull pull the voltage transformer, circuit breaker.

12, the issue of " circuit breaker three-phase inconsistent positions " signal should be how to deal with?
Answer: when the circuit breaker is a single-phase operation " three-phase inconsistent positions " signal, the operating personnel should check the three-phase circuit breaker position immediately, if the circuit breaker trip only a phase, should immediately close the circuit breaker, if not should be open circuit breaker

If the trip; two-phase, should immediately the circuit breaker is opened.

If the circuit breaker three-phase inconsistent position signal does not return, should continue to position intermediate relay check the circuit breaker is stuck, the store contact is bad, conversion circuit breaker auxiliary contact is normal.

13,Circuit breaker hydraulic mechanism 13, issued a " trip latch " signal should be how to deal with?
Answer: the circuit breaker hydraulic mechanism issued " tripping signal blocking signal ", operators should quickly check the hydraulic pressure value, if the pressure value has actually drop below the tripping closedown value, disconnect the power supply pump, mounted on the mechanism locking card, call

The connection piece for the protection, to the dispatcher on duty report, and make ready to load.

14, indicating circuit breaker position of red, green light is not bright, what is the impact on the run?
Answer: indicating circuit breaker position of red, green light does not shine on the operation caused by the following hazards.
( 1 ) cannot correctly reflect the jump, closing position of circuit breakers, fault easy mistake to judge.
( 2 ) if the trip circuit fault, when the accident occurred, the circuit breaker fails to trip, will expand the accident.
( 3 ) if the closing circuit fault, will not automatic reclosing circuit breaker trip accident or cast from the failure.
( 4 ) jump, closing circuit fault can't be normal operation.

15, the replacement of circuit breaker red light bulb should pay attention to what matters?
Answer: should pay attention to replace the circuit breaker when the red light bulb:
( 1 ) the replacement lamp must have two people.
( 2 ) should be replaced by the same with the original lamp voltage, power, the lamp bulb.
( 3 ) such as the need to remove the lamp port, should use insulated tools, to prevent the DC short-circuit or ground.

16, what is the circuit breaker trip free?
Answer: the circuit breaker closing process at any time, if the protective action on the tripping circuit, the circuit breaker can reliably break, this is called free trip. Circuit breaker with free release, can guarantee that the circuit breaker to short-circuit fault, can be quickly disconnected, avoid the expansion of the scope of the accident.

17, the circuit breaker electric closing should pay attention to what?
Answer: should pay attention to the problem:
( 1 ) the operating handle must be twisted to the end position, monitoring the current table, when the red light will handle return. The operating handle returned early may cause not switch on. ( 2 ) the oil circuit breaker, pay attention to the DC ammeter should return, prevent contactor KII, burned the closing coil.
( 3 ) the oil circuit breaker, check the mechanical drawing position indicator, a transmission rod, support insulator should be normal, no abnormal sound.

18, circuit breaker terminal and the exposed terminal overheating?
Answer: the joint is the weakest part of circuit, because the hair heat will cause electrical equipment and system outage. If found to be timely processing of joints are overheating. Causes of overheating: joint for substandard construction quality, such as the pressure is not tight and the contact resistance is too large. Improper maintenance, such as the contact surface is too rough. Installation position error.

19, DC grounding search steps?
Answer: find DC grounding judgment in the analysis, based on the subsection processing method, pull the road to find, signal and lighting part after the first operation part, outdoor indoor part as the principle, in turn:
( 1 ) to distinguish between control system or signal grounding system
( 2 ) signal and lighting circuit
( 3 ) control and protection circuit
( 4 ) the fuse order, cathode grounding fault first, ( ), ( - ), recovery after the fuse, the first cast ( - ), and ( )

20, in the following cases reclosing exit operation:
( 1 ) the breaking capacity of circuit breaker is less than the short-circuit capacity, reclosing exit operation.
( 2 ) circuit breaker fault tripping times than required, or not to exceed the specified, but the circuit breaker, smoke and other serious injection, the scheduling agreement shall reclosing exit operation.
(3 ) have charged operation line, when the dispatcher command will reclose exit operation.
( 4 ) reclosing device failure, the scheduling agreement shall reclosing exit operation.

21, low voltage DC circuit can share one cable, why?
Answer: can not, because:
( 1 ) share of a cable can reduce the DC system insulation level.
( 2 ) if the DC insulation failure, the DC mixed line will cause a short circuit or misoperation of relay protection.

22, meet the incomplete phase operation switch cannot be divided, making operation, should adopt what method?
(1). switch and incomplete phase switch in parallel, the bypass switching DC disabled, solution ring with a knife, the incomplete phase switch power.
(2) coupling switch and incomplete phase switch series, on the side of open circuit switch, with coupling switch off the load current, circuit and incomplete phase switch is deactivated, and then open the non sides knife phase switch, the incomplete phase operation switch power.
(3) if the incomplete phase switch with element ( lines, transformers ) conditional power, may be the first to end switch, according to the method of incomplete phase operation switch power.
(4) incomplete phase switch with element is a generator, should quickly reduce the generator active and reactive power output to zero without, then press the " 1 ", " 2 " item processing.

23, what are the basic requirements of the main electrical wiring?
Answer: the main electrical wiring requirements:
( 1 ) with power supply reliability.
( 2 ) with operation on the safety and flexibility.
( 3 ) and simple, convenient operation.
( 4 ) with the economic construction and operation.
( 5 ) should consider the possibility of future expansion.

24, the DC system grounding or positive negative ground to run what harm?
Answer: DC system grounding caused by anode protection misoperation may. Because the trip coil of electromagnetic actuator are usually connected to the negative power supply, if the loop and grounding insulation failure will cause the maloperation of the protection. Negative DC system grounding, if the loop is another point grounding, may make the trip or closing circuit short-circuit, resulting in protection or breaker tripping relay, or burned, or the fuse fuse.

 25, an electromagnetic operating mechanism of the back contact contactor can not open, how to judge, treatment?
Answer: after the circuit breaker closing should check the DC current meter, if the pointer DC current table does not return, that contact contactor is not open. At this point, we should cut off the switching power supply circuit breaker closing coil immediately, otherwise will be because of a long time through.

26, oil circuit breaker fault trip what reason is there?
Answer: the causes of maloperation of the oil circuit breaker:
( 1 ) protection misoperation.
( 2 ) the incorrect action of breaker.
( 3 ) circuit insulation problem two times.
( 4 ) parasitic trip circuit.

27, the general circuit breaker operating handle on the " 5-8 ", " 6-7 ", " 2-4 " what is the point? They are in the operating handle position is what? What position to open?
Answer: " 5-8 " is the closing contacts, in " closing " on " position, after closing " off; " 6-7 " is the trip contact, in the " trip " on " position, after tripping off "; " 2-4 " is the reclosing discharge contact, in the "preparatory trip " and " trip " connected " position, ready to switch off ".

28, the vacuum circuit breaker which features?
Answer: vacuum circuit breaker with contact distance is small, short arcing time, contact breaks fault current slight burn and other characteristics, so the vacuum circuit breaker operating energy is small, fast action. It also has the advantages of small volume, light weight, small maintenance workload, fire, explosion, the advantages of low noise operation.

29, high voltage circuit breaker has what effect?
Answer : high voltage circuit breaker can not only the no-load current and load current switch off and on normal conditions in the high voltage circuit, but also in the system at the time of the failure protection device and automatic device matched, quickly cut off the fault current, prevent the accident, to ensure the safe operation of the system.

30, high voltage circuit breaker plays what role?
Answer: the brake buffer role is the huge impact to prevent from spring to release energy when the force and damage the circuit breaker parts.
Closing buffer role is to prevent the impact of closing the switch too deep and the casing damage.

31, what is the basic requirement for high voltage circuit breaker?
Answer: the basic requirements of the circuit breaker are as follows:
( 1 ) in the closing state should be a good conductor.
( 2 ) in the closing state should have excellent insulation.
( 3 ) in the short circuit current breaking rules, should have sufficient breaking capacity and possibly breaking time is short.
( 4 ) in the short circuit current on the provisions of the contact can not, within a short time of circuit breaker generate welding etc.
( 5 ) in the factory under the given technical conditions, high voltage circuit breaker to long-term reliable work, have certain requirements for mechanical and electrical life of life. In addition, high voltage circuit breaker should also has the advantages of simple structure, convenient installation and maintenance, small volume, light weight etc..

32, what are the likely failure of high voltage circuit breaker?
At the same time, the operating mechanism of damage, cut short circuit capability is not caused by injection or explosion and a split-phase operation ability of the oil circuit breaker is not according to the instruction of not closing, the tripping action etc..

33, SF6 gas has what good arc extinguishing performance?
Answer: SF6 gas has the following good performance:
( 1 ) the arc column of high conductivity, the arc voltage is very low, the energy of arc column is smaller.
( 2 ) when the AC current zero, SF6 gas dielectric strength recovery, 100 times faster than air, namely its arcing ability is 100 times higher than the air.
( 3 ) higher dielectric strength of SF6 gas.

34, SF6 circuit breaker which operation notice?
Answer: SF6 circuit breaker shall be no leakage, pressure is normal. When the gas pressure in the internal SF6 circuit breaker in a year a year drop exceeds the specified value ( 0.04Mpa, 0.4 g), should will run out of circuit breaker, check for leaks. SF6 circuit breaker with capacity of breaking 15 or 10 years of operation should be overhauled. SF6 circuit breaker micro water content should be consistent with the provisions of manufacturers, generally not more than 300PPM. SF6 circuit breaker inflation not in rainy days, not in a foggy day or air humidity under the condition of 90%. In case of special measures shall be taken to ensure that the gas is not affected with damp, SF6.

35, circuit breaker abnormal pressure? How to deal with?
Answer: the abnormal pressure lamp window display, pressure gauge pointer increases or decreases, frequent start or pump

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