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I know today is valentine's day

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Today, joking note the red line going to a meal crazy pulled, joking very busy;Today, the golden arrow Cupid note to a meal crazy shot, Cupid very busy;Today, the magpies more busy;Today, matchmaker are busy;Busy, busy, today are all busy.
Have the old adage is to say, the Tanabata night at seven o 'clock, head sieve (a kind of tools) secretly in the towel gourd stem the cowherd and to listen to the dialogue, childhood is really doing such a foolish thing, in fact all of these is the people to the cowherd and the myth of a kind of passing on, really believe today all the drive to build cowherd and the Milky Way?The legend of the Milky Way by continue to circulate.
Today is the traditional Tanabata, let's "Chinese valentine's day," cowherd meeting today, happy date without reason, you have to go to the bullpen about you, even if mosquitoes around you, and you can't refuse you, even if the wind and heavy rain, and don't be afraid of distance and weather, even if lu yao will life, how many lovers will revel in tonight.
Romance can make an appointment, sweet can register, happiness can transfer, happy can overdraft, sincere can shareholding, love may specialize in.
Jiangsu people's electric (http://www.jsrmdq.com)Bless all the sweet couple gazing at each other long happiness.