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2013 June Guangzhou international lighting and Electrical Bu

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2013 June Guangzhou international lighting and Electrical Building Technology Exhibition ( Guangya Exhibition )

One, the exhibition of basic data

Name of exhibition: 2013 June Guangzhou international lighting and Electrical Building Technology Exhibition ( Guangya Exhibition )

Host country: China

The exhibition time: 2013-06-09 ~ 2013-06-12

Date: 2013-05-15

The exhibitors (Hall): China Import and Export Fair ( Pazhou Complex )

Approved by: Guangzhou City Hall

Organizer: Guangzhou Guangya Messe Frankfurt

The undertaker:

Support units: Asian Institute of intelligent buildings, building electrical magazine, China Building Decoration Association Committee of Architectural Society of China building electrical, electrical branch, China Real Estate Association, China Hotel Purchasing Supply Association, China Construction Industry Association Branch of intelligent building, Guangdong Province Association of automation, Guangdong Provincial Association of the real estate industry, Association, KNX LonMark International Association, association of Malaysia, the Asian Pacific Electric Works Association, the Hongkong Federation of Electrical Engineers Association, Hongkong Building Services Division, the Macao institution of engineers, Macao Construction Association, Canada Caba CABA, architects branch of the Architectural Society of China

In two, the content of the exhibition:

          At present, the urbanization has become China's economic and social development of the powerful motive force of urbanization construction, the continuing advance will be driven by the construction industry, municipal and traffic and many other industry's rapid development, at the same time, in the twelfth five year plan, the development of "green construction resource is managing model, the environment is friendly model society " has become a strategic policy, will guide city future development transformation. This further driven by the construction electrician electrical huge market demand at the same time, also for green building and intelligent building market development and provide a vast space.

         Guangzhou International Building Electrical Technology Exhibition, in line with market trends, topics covered construction electrician electrical, building automation and intelligent home furnishing two big fields, for the construction of electrical products, technology and solutions provides a good platform for display, has become the industry annual meeting. In 2013 tenth exhibition will continue with the Guangzhou International Lighting Exhibition held in the same period, with its professional, efficient and internationalization features will be attracted from all over the world system integrators, architects, designers, contractors and end-users visit, is your grasp industry trends and market opportunities in the key platform.

Target audience

Related industry
- Architect - Designer - Planner / Engineer - real estate developer / owners - building / property management mechanism
- Building contractors - decoration decoration company - system integrators - energy suppliers - electric power company
- Preparation of the body - - standard certification testing agencies - the Association / professional media

The relevant government
- Construction / Planning Department - construction organization / energy management in Municipal Engineering Management - the government procurement sector

Trade related
- importers exporters wholesalers / distributors and retailers - - building materials store / supermarket / chain store / stores / malls - Procurement Office - online retailer - industry end user (such as hotels, schools, hospitals, public facilities, shopping malls, restaurants etc.)

三、Third, the range

Exhibits range
Building electrician electric building automation and intelligent household
Electrical accessories and electrical material lighting control system
Distributor for substation equipment and electrical product security and access control system
Power supply, instrument, instrument and tool av video system
Electrical energy saving reconstruction unit air conditioning and refrigeration system
Control system and dimming equipment system integration
Switch, socket integrated wiring system
Lightning protection electrical system and device intelligent sun-shading system

四、Four, fee standards

Standard booth: RMB 13000 yuan / 9 square meters light ground: RMB 1300 yuan/square meters
(minimum rent area of 9 square meters) (minimum rent area of 36 square meters)

五、Five, the contact information


Company name:Guangzhou light and exhibition trade co., LTD


Cities: guangzhou

Contact address:Guangzhou tianhe district forest and west road 9 yao square, room 2616

Mail editor:510000510000

Fixed telephone:86-020-36047554  The 86-020-36047554

Fax:86-020-36047554                The 86-020-36047554

Mobile phone:13660896919          13660896919

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