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Low voltage circuit breaker innovation commanding heights

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A, energy efficiency, promote new highs

         Our country "1025" plan for energy conservation and emissions reduction is the main goal of energy conservation and emission reduction is the current environmental protection priority, in order to achieve this goal, on the one hand, low voltage electric appliance need to develop energy-saving products, new energy use products; On the other hand is to develop small size, high performance low pressure electric appliance, save raw materials and processing to deal with when the energy consumption, and the size of the electric equipment itself is reduced, can further realize energy saving.

        In order to do small size, high marks off ability, the circuit breaker (in TX7 dc circuit breaker as an example) adopted arc drive breaking technology, electric field, flow field, the magnetic field simulation, realize arc fast transfer and sports, to take the following measures:

1. Optimization of dynamic and static contact between the distribution of electric field, make to arc movement;
2. Through the air flow field analysis, increase the air blowing action;
3. Through the magnetic field analysis, increase the arc of the electromagnetic driving force.

      Contact and arc extinguishing system, in the breaking process, when contact separation arc presented in touch head, to make the arc fast driving, first of all should use arc driven contact transferred to striking the arc chip, the dynamic and static contact and dynamic run-on piece about between the distribution of the electric field, through the regional electric field simulation, realize dynamic contact and dynamic run-on slice shape optimization.

Second, pv, nuclear power new policies

       Can not only improve the environment, and can promote industrial upgrading, the new energy industry has become one of the countries the commanding heights of the competition. Due to the lack of photovoltaic enterprise domestic market cyclotron space, the products are exported to frequently suffocate suffocate, into existence dilemma is helpless, and we energy conservation and emissions reduction pressure great and for photovoltaic industry reserve the future growth space. The market focus of photovoltaic, nuclear power policy, in the near future is also expected to have dawn. Nuclear power industry from the bottom began to recover, improving industry can be expected.

      Energy-saving product development is the inevitable trend of the development of products, energy conservation and emissions reduction also push TX7 dc circuit breaker to small size, small volume, high performance direction. Facing the development of new products demand period, we should deepen the technology, accelerating the new development of low voltage circuit breaker, widen the low voltage circuit breaker of the new situation.