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Following the 2012 end of the world after the first Christma

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     2012.12.24 silent night, Wenzhou is cloudy, daytime maximum temperature 13 ℃, relative humidity 49%, and accompanied by 3~4 North West, the minimum temperature of 5 degrees, the minimum temperature is a winter day in the year, the warm reminder night travel friend, to do cold preparation, remember to the side arm, hat scarf gloves masks, antifreeze cold like less, how much can wrap wrapped.

    It is reported, Christmas Eve, many of our local temperature continues to decline, collective in this winter the cold days, however, the festive atmosphere unabated, everybody is enthusiastic, regardless of the weather.

   Silent night carnival, you are going to warm through the cold night?

    If you are Christian, then assemble in churches, around the Christmas tree to sing Christmas songs, the exchange of gifts, to share in the life of the passions, express the blessings and love, and to pray for the coming year happy.

    If you can, then take an open up a fresh outlook masquerade, with your delicate masks, swaying in the light of a candle, 2013.

    Friends, a large group of friends in the silent night singing " Lonely Christmas " young friends sit and chat chat, the atmosphere is much better, and sing " the years of friendship ", maybe, a story of warmth will from this silent night start ... ... Light a candle, I make a wish for the new year. For most people, this is a simple but very warm way to celebrate christmas.

   Silent night, cold at night, warm in the heart, the choice of each person different way, the ending is consistent, is a happy, happy, remember me to distant relatives friend, make a phone call, ten cents short message or even a micro message transfer our blessing, Thanksgiving and happy live,Jiangsu Peoples Electric Co., LTD wish you, happy Christmas eve!